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According to the International Commercial Yacht Code, a boat must be at least 10 meters long to be considered a yacht for cruising purposes. Therefore, motor yachts must also be at least 10 meters long. Yacht chartering offers more travel opportunities than cabin rental and is rented by a single group. It moves towards the customers' goals on a predetermined route. We offer motor yacht rental services in the waters of Turkey and provide you with the highest level of luxury. Our motor yachts include all air conditioning and generators, and you can have a comfortable vacation regardless of the weather conditions while cruising at sea. All cabins have a toilet and shower, and our cabins are of luxury hotel room standards.

Our motor yachts offer various opportunities for water sports. You can personally determine the menu of the motor yacht you rent and receive daily or weekly meal services. In addition, our crew working on our motor yachts are experienced and knowledgeable individuals. Nowadays, motor yachts are structured using fiberglass or steel materials and have two or more engines so that you can travel at high speeds. This way, you can reach your desired locations quickly and enjoy the sea in the best possible way.

Luxury Motor Yachts are designed for a comfortable sea journey. They can be rented personally or with personnel. Yachts are equipped with quality equipment and provide sea enthusiasts with a 5-star service. You can rent from Marmaris, Bodrum, Bozburun, Göcek and Fethiye ports. These ports are the most well-known and preferred ports for sea travel and the most beautiful bays are also located in these regions.

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