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The Fethiye region has always been an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists for its villages, bays, historical and ancient sites, and seaside holidays. It is one of our country's distinguished holiday resorts with its ancient ruins, 12 surrounding islands, unspoiled nature, and crystal-clear, sparkling blue waters.

The region, which is perfect for a Blue Cruise or Blue Voyage, offers numerous bays with their unique nature and structure. Due to the increasing popularity of Blue Cruises as a holiday concept, Fethiye has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Who wouldn't want to wake up in a different bay and sea every day on a comfortable boat and experience the beauty that nature and our country offer? You can join the Fethiye Blue Cruise programs to have an amazing holiday and experience these breathtaking beauties.

You can spend a part of your vacation exploring the rock tombs and ancient villages dating back to ancient times, and then end your day by immersing yourself in the crystal-clear waters of these untouched and inaccessible coves.

In this region, both Cabin Charter and Gulet Charter options are available. Fethiye, which is famous for its sea tourism, offers various boat rental opportunities. Due to its location, Fethiye can be included in blue cruise programs that also cover Göcek and Marmaris, giving you the chance to see not only Fethiye's bays but also the nearby ones.

The most famous bays of Fethiye are as follows: Bedri Rahmi Bay, Sarsala Bay, Yassica Islands, Dış Göbün, İç Göbün, Tersane Island, Cleopatra's Bath, Ships Island and many more bays in the region are waiting for you to spend your vacation by adding these bays to your route and spending more time in the ones you like.