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Datça is a town that has been the subject of songs and poems. It is a peninsula located at the meeting point of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Datça's most well-known feature is its clean air and gentle breezes even on the hottest days of summer. Datça is one of the most popular stops on gulet tours. All of the coves in Datça and on the surrounding peninsula are unspoiled and breathtakingly beautiful.

Datça's coves each have their own unique beauty and include places such as Hayıt Bükü, Ova Bükü, Palamut Bükü, Gabaklar, Kurubük, Gerence, and Karaincir, which are all untouched and stunning.

Datça is located in the southwestern part of Turkey and is known for its ancient city of Knidos. It can host both sea tourism and those who love archaeology and ancient cities.

Datça, which is a stopping point for Blue Cruises departing from Marmaris and Bozburun, can make everyone happy with its beauty and nature.

You can visit the entire region with Datça Blue Cruises to journey in the crystal clear waters, relieve the fatigue of the whole year, and indulge in the sea, nature, and unique views.