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Bozburun is one of the most popular villages in Marmaris. It is a beautiful coastal town with both Bozburun bay and a harbor, making it a popular destination for sea lovers. Bozburun has also gained more recognition in recent years due to its wooden gulet shipyards and boat haulage places. Most of the wooden boats produced in Turkey are built in Bozburun shipyards.

Bozburun is also known for being able to provide boats for every budget and for everyone. You can find the most affordable boats, as well as the most luxurious and expensive ones.

Bozburun bays are both very sheltered and untouched, maintaining their natural beauty.

The bays you will visit on Bozburun tours are some of the rarest and most untouched locations in the region. It is a region where you can see completely natural bays.

As Bozburun is very close to the Greek islands located just opposite, in your boat rental and gulet vacation in Bozburun, you have the chance to go to the Greek islands.

You can visit Symi Island -also known as Sömbeki-, Rhodes Island, Marmaris, Datça, and the region's most famous hotel, D Maris Bay Hotel, and its surroundings by gulet, and combine the taste of the sea and nature with a pleasant gulet vacation.

Bozburun blue tours will leave a lasting impression as a holiday where you will be satisfied with the turquoise blue color of the sea, the green of nature, and the scent of pine trees, and return to your home with energy and peace.

Bozburun also hosts the Taşlıca Village, where ancient excavations are carried out. It is possible to reach the ancient city of Knidos by sea, and it is 1 hour away from the center of Marmaris. It has a beauty that impresses every visitor who does not lose its village texture.