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Catamarans consist of two parallel hulls and offer more living space thanks to this design. These boats have a wide area in the middle that is functional. They are designed as luxury catamarans nowadays and are among the preferred boats for cruising on the seas. The origin of these boats is based on the connection of two canoes used by Sri Lankan fishermen. The center of gravity is used as the space between the two canoes, and the boat moves in such a way that it cannot capsize.

Marmaris is one of Turkey's most popular vacation spots with its natural beauty, historical remains, and delicious local cuisine. There are many different boat options available for blue cruise enthusiasts here, including Catamarans. In our portfolio, there are many different Catamaran options you can rent in Marmaris. You can rent them with or without a captain and enjoy the stunning coastlines of the Aegean Sea.

Marmaris is a holiday resort located on the southwest coast of Turkey, known as the Turkish Riviera. It attracts the attention of sailors with its magnificent climate, beautiful scenery, and reasonable prices. There are many types of boats you can rent to spend your vacation, and one of them is the Catamaran.

Catamarans are wider and faster than other types of boats. This allows you to see more places and explore more bays during your vacation. Additionally, the rental costs of catamarans may be more affordable than other types of boats. In terms of speed performance and comfort, catamarans offer superior options compared to other boats. If you have a license and experience, we also offer the option to rent catamarans without a captain. If you have concerns about hygiene, catamarans are the best option for you because while sailing, you will be far away from everyone and the crowds. If you want to rent a catamaran, you can check our website or contact us directly.